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Greetings, Hola, Bonjour, Guten tag, Shalom, Howdy,


This site showcases the variety of productions I've worked on.

I have Certificates in design and copy in advertising with both

The Royal Society of Arts and London Chamber of Commerce .

I've  won Clios, BPI Silver , MCPS and IVCA awards.

So, if you're a producer, director, manager, writer, graphic designer,

publisher, choreographer or a website builder,

I can help create and manage your sound design.

I'll deliver a polished mix, reduce your stress levels

and leave all the drama to the actors

with an experienced set of ears and a track record.

I'm based in London and deliver worldwide.

Mobile ++44   7831 509 019 ​

     audio media development     producer   &   sound designer
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